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GM Shizzlebix
Last Update 2011

- Fix Script Quests Escape Trough Force & Escape Through Stealth
- Fix Script Quest The Thunderspike
- Fix Script Fishing: Reduce the fishing cast cone to 35 degrees from each side of the facing instead of 70. Make the overall cone 70 degrees instead of 140
- Fix Script Quest Therylune's Escape
- Fix Script Quests Enchanted Azsharite Fel Weaponry and Expert Blacksmith!
- Fix Script Quest The Summoning
- Fix Script Quest Freed from the Hive
- Fix Script Quest The Touch of Zanzil
- Fix Script Quest The Torch of Retribution
- Fix Script Quest Did You Lose This
- Fix Script Quest Scarlet Armies Approach
- Fix Script Quest Hinott's Assistance

Guten Rutsch Smile
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 04.01.2012

Quests: Fix Plan B
Event: update Darkmoon Faire starttimes
Creatures: Summoned creatures that come with the portal guardian in violet hold should not reward XP
Creatures: fix reputation rewardings for Oculus and Utgarde Pinnacle heroic modes
Creatures: set correct faction for frostmane troll whelp
Quests: set correct questrelations for quests "Eimer mit Süßigkeiten"
creature: SAI and spawns for Pusillin And The Elder Azj'tordin
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 11.01.2012

138 Updates gibt heute von mir bitte seid mir nicht böse, dass ich die nicht alle hier Poste. Es handelt sich im viele Kleinigkeiten vor allem Waypoints Gossips T10 Bonusfixierung etc.
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 18.01.2012

- Scripts: Convert Torek script_texts to creature_text
- Spells: fix brain freeze procing off of ice armor
- Creature: small updates to Valiants in Argent Tournament
- Scripts/Trial of the Crusader: Fix crash in MovementInform for Frost Sphere in Anub'arak encounter.
- Quest: Report to Goldshire
- Quest: The Completed Orb of Noh'Orahil
- Quest: Proving Allegiance
- Quest: Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare
- Quest: A Humble Task
- Quest: The Boon of A'dal
- SAI: The Missing Diplomat
- Quest: In Service Of The Lich King
- Quest: The Legend of Stalvan
- Script/Quest: Solve some related problems with "An Audience With The Arcanist" and "A Meeting With The Magister"
- fix_dalaran_disguises "An Audience With The Arcanist" and "A Meeting With The Magister"
- Items: Fix crash and updated documentation in SplitItem

Update 20.01.2012

- Quest: set RequiredClasses for A Victory for The... quests
- Quest: A Rough Ride (12536)
- Quest: remove Special Flags for Seers Relic
Bearbeitet von GM Shizzlebix am 20-01-2012 18:51
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 01.02.2012
- Quests: fix q13129 quest reward
- Correctly fixed flying npcs falling to ground
- ICC: Professor Putricide will now remove Mutated Plague from players when dying
- Loot: Set correct drop percent chance for fragments on putricide 25 heroic
- Loot: Some ICC loot fixes: Shadowfrost Shard was added to deathbringer and dreamwalker, and set to quest-only drop. loots for blood council and dreamwalker have been increased
- ICC: Fixed Bone Slice being used during first 10 seconds of the encounter after a wipe
- Quests: Fixed a crash caused when trying to add a quest to a player who does not have any free slot in his quest log
- Achievements: Fixed achievement "Not So Fast".

and many many others
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 08.02.2012
- Loot: reworked Hallows End Loots
- Quests: Quest Feedin' Da Goolz (12652) should be available to all races
- Creature: Spawn Petrov for the quest Hollowstone Mine (12158)
- Spells: Change shapeshift check when players mounting on tournament mounts. This should solve the problem with warriors and priests on shadowform not being able to mount up.
- missing spawn of Spirit Healer in Desolace
- Battlegrounds: Fixed resources needed for each reputation and honor tick in Arathi Basin
- Creature: Set correct faction for Saragosa from sniff
- Quests: FIX "Mastery of Melee", "Mastery of Shield-Breaker" and "Master of Charge"
- Event: Update start date and set correct holidayid for Love is in the Air
- Creature: add spawn and waypoints for Saragosa all from sniff
- Event: Also update length of Love is in the Air (5 days -> 14 days)
- Quest: Fix OfferRewardText for quest Crossroads Conscription (842)
- IcecrownCitadel/boss_the_lich_king
- IcecrownCitadel/icecrown_citadel
- Ulduar/Ulduar/boss_razorscale
- Scripts and spawns for quest The Lifewarden's Wrath
- Script Romantic Picnic Basket - Fix achievement "Lonely?"
- Achievements: Set correct holiday id for Love is in the Air achievements
- NPCs: Various Love is in the Air spawns
- AI: Fix a bug on some pets introdouced
- Achiev: Add criteria data for "I Pitied The Fool"
- Quests: Public Relations Agent - Quest Pooling
- Quests: High Crusader Adelard - Quest Pooling
- Quests: Fix a typo in RequestItemsText of quest Etched Tables
- Quests: Toxic Tolerance - Quest Pooling
- Quests: Remove DB spawn for Zepik and give needed item on quest accept
- Spawns: Lunar Festival, Rocket Clusters, Moonglade
- SAI: Fix quests Chrushing the Crown
- Noblegarden: Fix Spring Fling achievements
- SAI: Scripts for Chillmaw and Cultist Bombardier
- Entities: don't save aura caster's guid for pets to db
- Spells: Fix some problems with spells summoning to many objects
- Spells: Removed deprecated code, fixed duration bonus of the Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon
- Spells: Summoning players will now teleport them directly on summoner, not near him
- Map: Fixed crash when a player was disconnected during a transfer to another map.
- Icecrown Citadel: Attempt to fix Sindragosa spawning
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix

- Misc: Missing Zul'Drak gossips (+ conditions)
- Quests: Fix quest Hot On The Trail
- Creature: Add some more Sunscale Lashtails in the area from sniffs
- Spells: Spell casts should be interrupted if the target goes out of LoS
- Creature: Add spawns and waypoints for npc 26841
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 22.02.2012
- Achievements: Added difficulty conditions for Once Bitten, Twice Shy achievement closes
- Battlegrounds: Fix Ring of vallor pillar at arena start
- Quests: Completion and Progress texts for the quest The Power to Destroy
- Inns: Add missing areatrigger_tavern Data from UDB, thanks Aokromes for gathering them
- Quests: Completion and Progress texts for Love is in the Air quests
- Quests: PrevQuestId for Love is in the Air quests
- Quests: Quest ender for quest Something is in the Air
- Fixed crash in the Twin Valkyrs encounter in ToC
- Fixed proc of Misery
- Movement: Fix a crash when a player logout in a hostile area
- Spells: Missing break; and trailing whitespace
- Spells: Make channeled auras stackable by default with other auras
- Icecrown Citadel: Remove obsolete code since spline movement implementation
- Characters: Fixed crash at character creation
- Spells: Fix recently broken feral spirit and force of nature
- fix blink making you fall under ground when blinking into water
- Gossip: Rouge & Hunter Class Trainers gossip fixup & missing gossip from Zabra'jin in Zangermarsh & Thunderlord Stronghold in Blade's Edge Mountains
- Quests: Proper required races and quest relations for Shadowmourne quest line
- Quests: Proper required classes for Dire Maul book quests
- Scripts: Fixed Thrall's weapon and shield models in Old Hillsbrad Foothills
- text: fix talk text for Erich Lohan
- Pets: Fix bugged reactstate behaviour after spline system implementation
- Pets: Fix stay command if pet is currently processing spline movement
- Pet: Fixed possible crash after swapping pet with stable master
- Loot: Updated trashloot for Hellfire Citadel
- Loot: Add loot to Crown
- Loot: lower some green dropchances to more acceptable rate
- Loot: Add loot for Apprentice Osterkilgr
- PoS: Fix error in Forgemaster Garfrost text
- Vehicles: Fix a crash in ~Vehicle
- text: Invisible Stalker text for Wintergrasp
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
GM Shizzlebix
Update 25.02.2012
- Vehicles: Fix a crash in object update packet builder
- Quests: Mounting Hodir's Helm.
- Quests: Quest relations for Polishing the Helm
- Scripts: script despawn for dummy effect of muisek vessels
- Scripts: fix rotface ooze flood
- Icecrown Citadel: Fix Rotface ooze flood
- Loot: Add Primordial Saronite to Deathbringer and Dreamwalker
- Calendar: Initial work for calendar
- Calendar * Fixed raid resets display in calendar * Active instance locks will now be added to calendar as soon as they are created (not after login)
- SAI: Fix for quest "You've Really Done It This Time, Kul
- SAI for Quest: 12843 "They Took Our Men!".
It´s not a bug it´s a feature ^^
The present what i want is the smile in your eyes
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22-02-2019 19:10
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GM Yerodin
12-10-2018 23:45
Dumdidum... *flöt*

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15-01-2018 17:59
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